Week of July 5


#MLSummit Slow Chat

July 9-11

Creating Inclusive Classroom Libraries

Justin Garcia (They/Them)


Audience: K-12

In this session, we will explore the importance of creating a diverse, inclusive library so our students can see themselves reflected in the texts they read. We will also explore ways we can facilitate conversations about diversity, equity, and social justice and challenge stereotypes through storytelling.

Asset Based Teaching, Changing Perceptions to Create a Sense of Belonging

Dr. Ilene Winokur (She/Her) @IleneWinokur

Audience: K-12

Pessimists believe the glass is half empty, optimists say it’s half full, but the glass can be refilled. How does changing our perception of learners from deficit (glass half-empty) to asset (glass can be refilled) improve how we teach and how students perceive themselves? Participants will learn how an asset-based mindset supports a sense of self-belonging that is essential to learning and achievement.

SLIFE: Where are we, Where we need to be and How we'll get there

Orly Klapholz (She/Her) @OrlyKlapholz

Merary Martinez Cobian (She/Her) @merary_mtzcbn

Audience: Middle/High

The number of Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education continues to rise worldwide. We've progressed in many ways to support these students. Let's celebrate how far we've come while looking forward and learning where we need to go, and how we will get there.