July 24

Session C

Audience: K-12

Dr. Katie DiGregorio

Leveraging the power of instructional technology to Promote Student-Centered Learning for MLs

Leveraging the power of instructional technology allows teachers of MLLs to create student centered lessons in which teachers can then facilitate student language learning. Developing student centered learning with the use of instructional technology tools lowers the affective filter, and cultivates a learning environment in which all multilingual learners can thrive. The tools and strategies shared by Dr. DiGregorio will help when designing lessons to promote autonomy, discussion and collaboration. Dr. DiGregorio will showcase ways to have students acquire language with various instructional technology tools, participate in project-based learning, and to master content while acquiring language.

Audience: K-12

Michelle Shory & Dr. Irina McGrath

Growing Digital and Print Agile Readers Through Tequity

Because of the pandemic and advances in technology, we are reading more digital texts than ever! This session will explore the impact of digital reading, the differences between print and digital texts, and the varying strategies we use to read them. We will also share techy (and not-so-techy) tips for supporting ELs when reading on and offline.

Audience: elementary

Allyson Caudill, John Cox & Ashley Blackley

aka: @ReadySetCoteach

Tips for Co-Teaching Newcomers

Whether a classroom teacher or a language specialist, join us for strategies to make your newcomers feel safe, heard, included and successful in the mainstream classroom. This session is not just for co-teachers! Many of the strategies are adaptable for diverse teaching situations.

Audience: elementary

Damaris Gutierrez

Creating a Relaxed Alertness for Recent Arrivals

Participants will learn how to create a shared space that is physically, socially, and emotionally safe for your newest multilingual learners. We will discuss the usage of culturally relevant texts and classroom routines that will support students’ language and literacy skills while building their confidence and independence.

Audience: middle - high

Dr. Christine Tennyson

Often, LTELs seemingly lack the vocabulary or background to fully participate in academic conversations, but just teaching vocabulary or giving background ideas is not always enough. In this presentation, participants will learn ways to scaffold a quality text to build the background so students can engage in academic conversations. In response, they will use this text to engage in conversations to gain academic knowledge and speaking skills.

Audience: K-12

Jo Napolitano & Dr. Katie Toppel

with Special Guest Khadidja Issa

Journalist/Author Jo Napolitano talks about her new book, "The School I Deserve," (Beacon Press, Spring 2021), which tracks the civil rights battle waged across the country on behalf of young immigrants excluded from our nation's public schools or shunted into inferior programs that do not culminate in a diploma. Born in Bogota, Colombia, and abandoned at birth, Napolitano offers powerful testimony about the transformative nature of education for the world's poorest children.