July 24

Session B

Audience: elementary

Katie Gardner

Making Meaningful Multimodal Digital Learning Tasks

Discover new ways to use iPads and digital multimodal tasks to enhance student language and literacy learning. Explore how to design interactive digital tasks using iPads audio, video, drawing, and accessibility features to support students becoming better communicators, consumers, and connectors in any kind of learning environment.

Audience: K - 12

Esther Park

Purposeful Partner Talk Using Google Slides:

To learn a new language, students need to use it. Structured partner activities provide the opportunities and tools for every student to utilize the language and retain content. Come learn about tech tips and ideas to create and facilitate structured partner activities using Google Slides.

Audience: elementary - middle

Dr. María Cioè-Peña

TrUDL: A Pedagogial Framework for Supporting Emergent Multilinguals With or Without Disabilities

During this session participants will hear about the ways in which they can integrate a translanguaging approach with Universal Design for Learning in order to maximize students' opportunities to learn regardless of their classifications.

Audience: K - 12

The recently released WIDA ELD Standards Framework, 2020 Edition, deepens WIDA’s historical commitment to providing standards as a driver of equity for multilingual learners in curriculum and instruction. Join us to learn about how the 2020 Edition enhances accessibility options and frames the personal as a foundation to the academic.

Audience: middle to high and families

Dorina Sackman-Ebuwa

Teaching Survival & Revival English for SIFE/SLIFE/Newcomers

In this highly engaging and straight to the point session, participants learn fool proof strategies to get SIFE/ SLIFE/ NEWCOMERS engaged and empowered through what Miss Dorito calls "Survival and Revival English". Let's have fun learning how this 20 year method blends old school and new school language learning for our students' success!

Audience: middle to high school

Bret Gosselin

Thinking is Engaging! Providing LTELs Access to Learning They Deserve

Long Term English learners (LTELs) often find themselves in instructional settings that are focused on skill development or “closing gaps” and miss out on the kinds of engaging experiences that make learning meaningful. This session will explore how the principles of discovery learning can make any setting a place where LTELs receive the kind of learning they deserve.

Audience: coaches, co-teachers, admins, team leaders

Teacher professional development (PD) is arguably the most important investment of any school district. However, for most teachers PD can seem like one more item on an already long list of things to do. We will never have a surplus of time, so it is important to maximize the spare minutes we do have. In this session, I will share how I use a 1-5-15 bulletin to create a flipped PD experience.