Week of July 12



Slow Chat July 16-19

Building Intellectual Capacity in Multilingual Learners

Tanya Hill (She/Her) @TeachLikeALady

Audience: Elementary and Middle School

This session is designed to show language practitioners how to apply Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in the multilingual classroom. Creating a learning environment that stimulates brain development is crucial for all students. Participants will leave with practical ways to develop lessons that increase the intellectual capacity of multilingual learners.

Building Better Sentences with Secondary Newcomers

Natalia Heckman (She/Her) @NataliaESL

Audience: middle and high school

This webinar offers teachers of English Learners an opportunity to examine common ELA practices through the lens of Language Acquisition Theory and to explore an approach to scaffolded sentence-level writing instruction. Teachers will learn to introduce complex syntactic features to secondary Newcomers through communicative context and deliberate practice.

Making Cultures Visible

Caterina Lazor (She/Her) @CaterinaTeach

Audience: Middle

As our communities continue to diversify, the need for our education system to support newcomers both socially and academically is apparent. In this session, Caterina Lazor draws on her experiences and data collected through her own research to highlight the importance of helping students increase their sense of belonging in the classroom through culturally responsive practices that work for all grade levels.