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Session title:

Keynote by Dr. Mónica Lara

Developing a WE CARE Attitude for MLs Success

Session description:

WE CARE is an acronym that explicates that, unless we fully acknowledge our personal biases when teaching multi-language learners (MLs) and develop a conscious awareness of these biases, educators will find them to be obstacles against setting high expectations for all students. This keynote will help educators become aware of their prejudices and strengthen their “heart” for MLs, to create supportive systems that will allow their students to become successful and productive members of society.

Dr. Lara is a Senior Educational Consultant for Bilingualism and Biliteracy, Keynote speaker and author of ¡Toma la palabra!: Enlazando la oralidad y la lectoescritura. Her roles in education include experience as a teacher, reading specialist, assistant principal, and educational specialist in the areas of dyslexia and bilingual/ESL education. She holds a Masters of Arts degree in reading and a Ph.D. in Culture, Literacy, and Language. Her research interests include early reading assessment, biliteracy education, and English as a second language.

Toma La Palabra is available on Amazon and through the Seidlitz Education website.

Find Dr. Lara on Twitter (@DrMLara)

Session title:

Small Moves, Big Gains: Teacher Habits that Help MLs Talk More, Think More, and Achieve More. by Nancy Motley

Session description:

Small moves are actionable, low to no prep, and well…tiny. Join me as we identify 3 small moves we can make to help our MLs fully engage in our class. We will also examine ways to turn these small moves into automatic habits.

Find Nancy on Twitter (@NancyMotleyTRTW)

Nancy Motley is a teacher’s teacher! She has served MLs in a wide variety of roles throughout her career. Currently, in her work as a Senior Consultant and Author with Seidlitz Education, she consistently brings best practices for MLs to educators in a way that is real, accessible, and engaging.

Session title:

Building Social and Cultural Capital for and with Your Students

by Pamela Broussard

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of the Building Capital Planner.

Session description:

Students need more than just academics to thrive among a diverse school and work culture. Let’s dive into simple things classroom teachers can do to build social and cultural capital for and with their students.

Pamela Broussard is a passionate high school New Arrival Center teacher with extensive experience with MLs, Newcomers, and SLIFE. Her time in refugee camps, war zones, orphanages, and human trafficking zones has given her deep compassion and insight into the social and emotional needs of our most vulnerable students. Her goal each day is to prepare multilingual, multicultural students to confidently lead the next generation.

Find Pam on Twitter (@LeadingELLs) and on the Leading ELLs Facebook Group)

Session title:

Finding the Audacity of Equality in the Stories of Immigrants and Refugees

by Dr. Don Vu

Session description:

The Audacity of Equality is the belief that you have equal rights and protections as any American citizen no matter where you were born. How can educators help instill it in immigrant and refugee students using the power of books and stories? How do we help them develop a sense of pride for who they are and help them understand their importance in America?

Find Dr. Don Vu on Twitter (@DrDonVu) or on his website.

Dr. Don Vu is the author of Life, Literacy, and the Pursuit of Happiness: Supporting Our Immigrant and Refugee Children Through the Power of Reading. He has worked in schools for over 24 years as a teacher and principal and is passionate about helping all students realize their “American Dream”. You can find out more about Don at

You can find Dr. Vu's book and so many more resources on his website.

Be sure to check out this link for the book list he shared in the webinar.

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